Insurer Contact Numbers

Our greatest wish is that you all enjoy a wonderful stay in your destination, but we are here so that in case of unforeseen events, we make things easy and comfortable for everyone, especially in receiving assistance if you need it, that is why we provide you with the telephone numbers contact information for our insurers, where you can request immediate attention. We recommend that you always have the policy number, location and contact telephone number on hand:

INTERMUNDIAL Phone: +34 91 084 87 94

ASISA Healthcare Telephone: 91 991 19 99

ADESLAS Healthcare Telephone: 91 125 98 41

SANITAS Healthcare. Telephone: 91 752 28 52

What is UM?

Universitas Mundi was born to meet the insurance needs of students from anywhere in the world who decide to study in Spain, or Spanish students who want to study anywhere in the world. Our different insurance modalities meet all the requirements required by Spanish Universities (CRUE) and by the competent immigration authorities, such as Consulates and Immigration.

Is insurance mandatory for mobility?

Yes it is, since the 2012/2013 academic year, and following the publication of Royal Decree 557/2011, which makes it mandatory to have medical insurance for stays of more than 90 days in Spain.

Does Universitas Mundi insurance qualify as mandatory insurance?

Yes, Universitas Mundi insurance for foreign students in Spain meets all the requirements established by RD 557/2011: "Have public or private health insurance arranged with an insurance entity authorized to operate in Spain." Likewise, it has no co-payments or deficiencies, as required.

What coverage is required for Erasmus student insurance? The insurance must include the following coverage:

Transportation or repatriation in case of disease.
Transportation or repatriation of the deceased insured.
Displacement of an accompanying family member in case of illness.
Stay of an accompanying family member.
Disruption of travel by a family member death.
Displacement of an accompanying family member due to death.

We offer you to cover this with a basic modality, which covers these coverages and complements the EHIC (European Health Card that you can request here) and another Premium modality, which covers all these expenses, as well as many other coverages, including medical expenses. sanitary.

Do I need to take out insurance if I have the European Health Insurance Card?:

The health card only offers medical health coverage under conditions similar to those of Social Security in Spain, but with the limits, co-payments and/or deficiencies that apply in the destination country. Remember that the contracting of complementary insurance to the European health card is currently mandatory, as well as necessary to cover repatriation, displacement of family members and/or Civil Liability.

Our insurance is indicated as a complement to the European Health Card.
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What types of college exchange travel can I secure:

Universitas Mundi is an insurance applicable to any study trip, research or teaching made by a student, university researcher or teacher of any University both Spanish and foreign.

Quote and Bind

How do I contract it:
The contracting of any of our insurance will be done in a 100 % digital way. There is no need to witness in any of our offices.

How do I pay for it:
To ensure the safety of our customers and give maximum speed to the procedures, payments will be made by bank card.

What period does it cover:
Any of our insurance is valid for a maximum period of 12 months with the exception of Universitas Salud (whose contract is month by month up to a maximum of 24). If at any time you want to extend your stay beyond 12 months, you can re-hire it as many times as you need.

What dates should I indicate?:
The start and end dates must match the final one-way and return flights.

Where will I receive the documentation when hiring?
All the contract will be sent to the email you provide us, so make sure to put it correctly and without any error. In addition, when you finish the contracting process, a document will also be enabled to download directly.

What is the contact person for?
To be able to contact a trusted person in case you cannot be reached in any important situation. We recommend that this person's data is of the utmost confidence and that they are informed.

Information related to Travel Assistance insurance and COVID19

I get sick and go to the doctor in that country, if they diagnose me Coronarivus, do I have coverage or will I have to pay medical expenses derived from the disease?
With our products you have coverage under the same terms and conditions than with any other disease, that is, there is no type of restriction because it is Coronavirus and we will take care of all the expenses derived from the illness.

I have been diagnosed with COVID19, due to convalescence I lose my plane, does the insurance cover repatriation to Spain?
Yes, as with any illness, if I have to remain immobilized for prescription and I miss the return flight, we will take care of the organization and cost of repatriation once it is authorized by the medical equipments.

I get sick and I need a family member to come to keep me company. Does the insurance cover the plane and the family member's stay expenses?
That's right, the usual coverage for these cases is transportation (round trip) and accommodation expenses for a family member or companion in the event of hospitalization of the insured for more than 5 days.

If we talk about trip cancellation coverage, these are the main questions that readers ask us:

If an airline cancels a scheduled flight, will the insurance compensate me?
If an airline cancels the flight, it is difficult to imagine that they will not refund my reservation money. For this, in any case, there are other protection systems already established such as EC Regulation 261/2004 that already establishes compensation, assistance, etc. in case of flight cancellation.

If a family member becomes infected with COVID19 and I am forced to cancel the trip and/or flight, will I receive a refund?
Yes. As long as the terms in which the illness is defined established in the policy are met, it will be covered, but there is no limitation in this sense with respect to it being COVID19.

If I was going to Italy and I cancel the trip out of fear, will the insurance cover me for canceling the trip?
Generally not, as I said there are some very special products on the market, for specific groups, that can cover it, but it is not usual.

If I go abroad, and once there, the airline cancels all flights to that country, will the insurance take care of my repatriation?
Usually not, among the most common reasons for which repatriation is covered are usually illness, accident or death of the insured, or early return due to hospitalization or death of a family member.


I have a problem with my policy.
Don't worry, any problem or error in your policy can be solved simply and quickly. Contact us via info@montymarq.es, call us at 952 640 371 or write to us via our Facebook or Instagram chat.

What happens if I have a visa denial?
In case of visa denial you will be refunded the full amount entered.

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