What is UM?

Universitas Mundi was born to meet the insurance needs of students who decide to study abroad. Our different insurance modalities meet all the requirements required by SEPIE (Spanish Service for Internationalization and Education).

Is travel insurance mandatory for an Erasmus?

Since the course 2012/2013 the Spanish Service for Internationalization (SEPIE) formerly OAPEE, established as mandatory that all erasmus students have in addition to covered health-care European Health Insurance, travel assistance insurance and repatriation throughout your stay as Erasmus

Does Universitas Mundi insurance meet compulsory insurance for an Erasmus?

Yes, Universitas Mundi insurance for Erasmus students meets all mandatory coverages issued by SEPIE.

What coverages does the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE) require for erasmus student insurance? SEPIE requires that insurance include the following coverages:

Transportation or repatriation of health.
Transportation or repatriation of the deceased insured.
Displacement of an accompanying family member in case of illness.
Stay of an accompanying family member.
Disruption of travel by family death.
Displacement of an accompanying family member due to death.

Do I need to take out insurance if I have the European Health Insurance Card?:

The health card offers only standard and basic coverage for all students. Remember that the recruitment of supplementary insurance to the European Health Insurance Card is very welcome. Our insurance is indicated even if you have the European Health Insurance Card.
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What types of college exchange travel can I secure:

Universitas Mundi is an insurance applicable to any study trip, research or teaching made by a student, university researcher or teacher of any University both Spanish and foreign.


How do I contract it:
The contracting of any of our insurance will be done in a 100 % digital way. There is no need to witness in any of our offices.

How do I pay for it:
To ensure the safety of our customers and give maximum speed to the procedures, payments will be made by bank card.

What period does it cover:
Any of our insurance is valid for a period of 12 months with the exception of Universitas Salud (which is contracted month by month). If at any time you want to extend your stay above 12 months we would still offer you the same service at the same annual price.

What dates should I indicate?:
The start and end dates must match the final one-way and return flights.

Where will I receive the documentation when hiring?
All the contract will be sent to the email you provide us, so make sure to put it correctly and without any error. In addition, when you finish the contracting process, a document will also be enabled to download directly.

What is the contact person for?
To be able to contact a trusted person in case you cannot be reached in any important situation. We recommend that this person's data is of the utmost confidence and that they are informed.


I have a problem with my policy.
Don't worry, any problem or error in your policy can be solved simply and quickly. Contact us via info@montymarq.es, call us at 952 640 371 or write to us via our Facebook or Instagram chat.

What happens if I have a visa denial?
In case of visa denial you will be refunded the full amount entered.

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