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Travel and sickness insurance for mobility programs at the university, European and international

  • 100 on-line, immediate and with Safe Money.
  • Insurer certificate valid for all institutions.
  • Flat rate with the best price.
  • Top-notch insurers.
  • International toll-free number for incident care.
  • Automatic magnification with the same conditions!
  • Valid for obtaining the NIE, visa or residence card.
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What is UM?

Universitas Mundi was born to meet the insurance needs of students who decide to study abroad. Our different insurance modalities meet all the requirements required by SEPIE (Spanish Service for Internationalization) Education).

Is travel insurance mandatory for an Erasmus?

Since the course 2012/2013 the Spanish Service for Internationalization (SEPIE) formerly OAPEE, established as mandatory that all Erasmus students have in addition to covered health-care European Health Insurance, travel assistance insurance and repatriation throughout your stay as Erasmus

Does Universitas Mundi insurance meet compulsory insurance for an Erasmus?

Yes, Universitas Mundi insurance for Erasmus students meets all mandatory coverages issued by SEPIE.

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