Universitas Mundi was born under Montymarq’s umbrella. Montymarq is a leading insurance broker with extensive experience in the teaching field. Its concern has always regarded health services for students, PDI and PAS in Spanish Universities in the framework of mobility programs, whether European or international, and those that come from abroad to attend Spanish universities.

Founded in 1983, Montymarq has been providing insurance counseling and mediation services to public entities and universities for over 10 years. Some of the specific services it offers are: insurance products related to student mobility; negotiation with first level insurance companies in order to obtain a wide array of products that broadly cover the needs of the university collective in mobility; encompassing the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; coverage of needs to obtain the student VISA in Spain.

Currently, Montymarq intermediates mobility insurance for students from over 40 Spanish universities.